What you see here is the 24th frame of a lifetime.

The Other Side
Reflections 1/3

“I’d feel like a complete idiot & come across so in the images.”

Someone said to me recently while looking at some Portraits I had created.

You know, the wonderful thing of a photo shoot is that being creative with someone always results in images of of their very own, unique beauty.
It should not be about me pushing you into a role. You do not need to be anything or anyone while at the same time you could try out whatever it is you would like to and I am happy to provide an opinion. However, the most important thing is, that you feel comfortable while facing my camera or at least that you are able to gather enough courage to try and maybe surprise yourself.
I am merely the lucky soul to capture the beauty unfolding in front of me. In other words, it is about portraying you!

The other side.

Von diesem Buch habe ich gesprochen:

Julia Cameron: Der Weg des Künstlers

Julia Cameron war mit Martin Scorsese verheiratet, der Name ist mir im Gespräch nicht eingefallen.


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